True Gonadal Intersex

Yes! Things do go wrong in sexual development, just as complicated things tend to do. In true gonadal intersex, the cause of the error is unknown.

An individual with true gonadal intersex must have both testicular and ovarian tissue. Although the external genitalia may appear ambiguous or a mixture of both male and female genitalia.

This particular indvidual pictured exhibited a gonad on the right side with a micropenis and the left side a hemiuterus, a fallopian tube, fimbriae, and an ovary.

The karyotype of these individuals is a mosaic of both 46XX and 46XY most often, but can be found as other variants.


One Response to True Gonadal Intersex

  1. Casque Dre says:

    This is amazing stuff, its great to be inside the know.

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